About Us

Those who raise cattle or any other animal should always be careful about the health of their animals. It is necessary to provide animals with feed supplements that are packed with essential nutrients that keep them healthy and save them from harmful diseases. We, at VM health care, are here to provide a range of premium grade food supplements for animals for their healthy living. Our offered range comprises Animal Feed Supplement, Liver Feed Supplement, Gel calcium , chelated mineral mixer, multi vitamin powder and liquid form, Poultry Feed Supplements, Liquid Calcium Feed Supplement, and many others. The right amount of healthy ingredients are used in our offered feed supplements so that the animals get proper nutrients. Animals are easily prone to serious life-threatening diseases if they are not being taken care of well, hence in such cases feed supplements can be really beneficial for them.

Being an experienced Marketing agency and Trader of Animal Feed Supplements, we make sure that the quality of the feed is not compromised. Our business unit only provides quality enriched and nutritious feed supplements to various Animal Feed Suppliers, Veterinary doctors, and Medical Stores.

One of the major consumed food items across the world is dairy food products and we can get quality enriched dairy products only if we give prior importance to cattle health. The healthier the cattle the more nutritive are dairy products is what we believe in and therefore, all those who are taking care of livestock should never neglect their cattle health and feed them with the most nutritious supplements available in the market, as such livestock is more than an asset and source of livelihood. Today, many people are becoming negligent about their livestock health as it requires capital, and henceforth, we provide the range at very competitive rates.

Our Vision & Mission

Customer satisfaction is our top priority To provide superior quality health care products for cattle in order to become most reliable organization in the field & to make continuous improvment in quality. products & services as well as to innovate customer interaction to build ever lasting relationship. Healthy animals are as important as the health of humans thus, providing nutritive and quality enriched Feed Supplement to the end users.